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General Guidelines for Submitting an Online Narrative Progress Report

  • Must know your PRF grant number
    • When beginning a narrative progress report you will be required to enter your PRF grant number. The system will automatically complete Step 1 of the submission process with the project title. This information was provided by the ACS Petroleum Research Fund.
  • Submit the Principal Investigator's contact information
    • Complete a personal contact information form for the listed Principal Investigator. Before entering a new name, you will have an opportunity to search the database to see if that name and contact information have already been entered.
  • Submit the Report Text. The size limitations of the report are 1000 words or less plus a maximum of 10 images/figures.
  • Submit a graphic TOC

Upon beginning a new narrative progress report submission, you will be give an ID# and password which will allow you to re-access your submission.

Submit a Narrative Progress Report for 2014

General Guidelines to Report a Published Article or Book Chapter

  • Must know your PRF grant number
    • When reporting a published article or book chapter, you will be required to enter your PRF grant number.

Report a published article or book chapter acknowledging ACS PRF

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